Commercial Integration Business Strategies Moving Forward

Recently, Commercial Integrator Magazine shared their findings from a study of 72 commercial integrators and specifying consultants in its 2013 State of the Industry record on the commercial integration industry. The record offered findings that pointed to a tighter business market in 2014, but with opportunities for commercial integrators to create stronger business partnerships with customers, rather than just vendor-customer interactions.

This study was no different from most surveys, where there is some good news plus some challenging news for our industry. CI reviews that 65% of surveyed companies reported income growth greater than 5% during the last calendar year. Many integration firms are still working with out-of-date sales strategies that simply sell product to customers, than partner with customers for service options rather. Convergence between IT departments and traditional A/V solutions integrators is reaching a boiling point and many traditional AV integrators are in risk of being burned. Pricing structures have come under intense scrutiny, forcing companies to evaluate the long-term viability of their prices plans. Integration companies need to concentrate on becoming business partners using their customers.

Traditional audio-visual solutions providers need to increase their IT competency, relating to experts. One of the report’s respondents surmises that if a commercial integrator can’t merge its technology solutions with the existing information technology in a prospect’s business, you won’t be able to give the right kind of value to that business. It’s more about becoming technology partners with current and future customers that will drive industry income forward.

Other topics in the statement describe falling profit margins and exactly how some integrators are willfully decreasing costs to companions to becoming more service-oriented partners for the long-run. That could be a strategy for some integrators who are strong onto it talking to and service. “An overarching goal for integrators – one which can address many of these challenges in a single fell swoop – is to are more important to customers.

Savvy security integration firms have known this opportunity, especially since access control and surveillance solutions have migrated to clients’ IT networks. Nowadays there are opportunities for integrators to provide clients with valuable data on employees’ comings and goings and room usage, for instance. CCS Display Systems has transferred into a collaboration path already, finding it among the best ways to utilize manufacturers and our end-user organizations. Possessing a simplified team framework for litigant has worked perfectly.

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Otherwise, scaling up isn’t really growing; it’s inflating. Many founders invest too heavily in ramping up staff Too, purchasing or hiring bigger work place or production equipment, and expanding retail facilities and space. Before they know it, their costs have escalated way beyond their continued increase in revenue, and even though they’ve found a good market and are and running off, they’re running out of gas. If innovative start- ups deal with the growth inflection stage well, they will proceed into a stage of carrying on acceleration of growth.

During this period, entrepreneurs come to many crossroads. Their market is exploding, but so is the difficulty of managing and leading a more substantial organization. Meanwhile, appealing offers to buy the company are made often. Some way, a founder must grapple with the difficult transition from scrappy entrepreneur to corporate manager. Many founders stumble when coming up with the changeover to corporate and business chief and fail to acknowledge that they must get better at certain requirements . The qualities which were so important in taking the dangers to launch the business and in bootstrapping and tinkering with new things are less called on during this time, and those of a corporate head become main.