California IOU Tax Refunds

Bill Lockyer, California treasurer is sounding a familiar message as reported by AP. IOU could be issued in April or May if spending is not cut soon. Apparently the shortfall is continuing in the condition, with the overall economy not jumping as promoted by our cup fifty percent full press back again. Governor Brown has a March budget deadline, so something must give.

But bear in mind that California does not have a requirement to balance her budget in the constitution. Update: Governor DIDN’T Gets Minimum Wage. Update: It has been reported that the California Supreme Court has allowed furloughs to be implemented. A lesser court acquired overturned the furloughs and the Supreme Courtroom shall review them.

But this Friday, the time off starts and you will be for 3 times per month. This is a symbolic effort showing the necessity for a far more balanced budget on the part of the governor. May I remind the readers that the Ponzi housing scheme is the primary cause of this meltdown, the bubble then your crash first. I offer: A Lesson for the Tea Party About Blame for the Mortgage Crisis.

I hope people who are confused as to the factors behind the casing crash browse the link. Avoid being misled by the Tea Party who is really to Wall Street. Update: The governor may go out of office without an authorized budget without pension reform. The governor has declared a state of emergency and will require 3 days furlough a month.

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This is in place of the failed work to get a minimum income into place. We will have, how it goes with the 19 billion dollar deficit and possible dual-dip recession. Update: The governor says state employees will be paid minimum wage for the entire month of July. 7.25 per hour until a budget is authorized. The state controller obstructed this attempt after some duration ago and could try to avoid the accounting headache again. Update: California budget crisis is not out of the woods.

I see the idea is offered to let a lot of individuals out of prison. Well, certainly we’ve a huge percentage of people in jail in California. Allow nonviolent ones serve at home and hire a few more parole officers to watch them. Update: IOU’s will still be issued before budget passes and the money is within the makes up about real assessments to be released.