This Week Was Full And Busy

It’s Friday night and we’re viewing A Quiet Place on our TV that is SO STRESSFUL. I’m just trying to consume the new tropical-flavored Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids and type out a post and each time I touch my crinkly sounding handbag I jump. Typing is nearly out of the question, but I am going to try to take action without attracting any homicidal aliens. This week was full and busy. Last time we talked I was trying on my perfect interview suit outfit only to discover that not a single element from it fit.

And in addition to my clothes and a sleepless night time responding to interview questions I held making up in my head, I had formed my war paint. Luckily after my second interview I got eventually to meet up with my favorite girls for a happy hour that was actually during a regular happy hour!

Usually I get together with my mother friends at 7:30 or 8, but James’s pool was closed this week for renovations so I surely got to go somewhere directly after work! I needed my first Mambo Taxi, which really is a famous local Margarita that involves sangria brandy and swirl. Moms, margaritas, much talking, and sweating outside in a faux-suit I know I have to dry clean already.

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It was a really, night really nice. I’ve said it before, but these women restoreth my soul. Our happy hour finished at 8:30ish (oops) and I emerged home to get the kitchen spotless, all the youngsters in bed, and this cake on the counter. Apparently each of them experienced a component in designing it and the look was the consequence of MUCH discussion. I heart them all so much and went to give all the youngsters laying excitedly in their beds big hugs and thank yous. James got a few hugs and thank yous as well.

Putting yourself up for an extremely competitive in-office promotion has been a surprisingly susceptible process and I’ve felt very liked by my staff this week. On Thursday I put a day of work, lacking any interview so I used jeans, merely to balance at the suityness of the week so far.

I subbed a TCU barre class to help out another instructor who normally instructs yoga during that time and experienced so much fun bringing barre to a couple of yogis. They’d been warned the course would vary and they all seemed to enjoy it! I mean, no one out walked, so that’s a good sign. Then, as I was walking up the stairs to mind home, I noticed my favorite swim coach and three of my favorite swimmers through the home window of the pool!

Their outdoor summer season league practice have been canceled so Coach Dad brought them over to our neighborhood university. I loved viewing them! I required Cora home while her big is finished up their practice so we could prep dinner. It had been “Quartino Night” in our house. So called for a favorite restaurant in Chicago where we loved our first-ever charcuterie plank in 2006, it is the night when we serve up lots of cheeses, meats, fruits, olives, crackers, and breads.

We used to use it as an in-home day night following the kids were during intercourse when they were little, however now it’s one of their very favorite dinners. It’s like a picnic! Of all the common things. Cora in particular LOVES a good charcuterie spread. At one point she deserted the carbs in lieu of “spreading this cheese with this meat, okay mom? I’m just heading to eat it like a baby burrito.” That’s shallot and onion cousin on salami with one happy child. The big kids were in zoo camp this week that they LOVE.

They had the perfect time, saw all the animals lots of that time period, and made many new friends. One of their finest weeks of summer months for sure, though I am glad to no longer have to wash those shirts every night so they could put them on again the next day. This past Saturday was one such day. He emerged from his room (always fully clothed; ALWAYS. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, no socks, and possibly nothing at all else. He was horrified. Laundry was started immediately, but the morning hours walk still continued.