Externalizing Your Problems

Externalizing Your Problems 1

Externalizing your problems won’t solve them, but it may make you feel better – in the short-term. Externalizing. What is it? Why should i on it almost just as much as poor normative cues harp? Externalizing is the ultimate form of weak thinking, even though it could make a weak thinker feel better about himself, it rarely solves their problems. It causes more trouble in the world than anything else also. You may have heard of this phenomenon in other terms – Scapegoating for example. And politicians will be the first to use it.

It makes people feel better about themselves – they did no incorrect, it was the other guy’s mistake! And it is part of our human nature to do this. You did nothing wrong. Buying that huge house on a onerous mortgage wasn’t a bad idea. Venturing out on hit for six years isn’t the reason why they closed the manufacturer.

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And hey, your economy isn’t in the tank because you made a decision to declare battle on half the world and bankrupt your own country, right? No, it has to be the Jews. After all, they have money! So it must be them! Which “answer” sold well in Germany, in 1936. People wished to believe it was the other guy’s mistake and not theirs.

Which is not saying it never is the other guy’s mistake. The Treaty of Versailles was a negative deal. But perhaps a much better idea would have been to renegotiate that treaty, rather than burn off down Synagogues. But which is easier to do? Today, we see externalizing on all levels.

People captured in the casing bust blame Freddie Mac because of their woes, instead of looking at their own malfeasance. But did Freddie Mac pc force them to buy a true home they cannot afford? Not necessarily. But nobody wants to handle that – and take their lumps for a choice gone horribly wrong. And by the way, buying a house is a very serious decision. When it goes horribly wrong, it can bankrupt you for many years.

Never take on debt or make decisions including hundreds of thousands of dollars, without considering it through – carefully. The cavalier attitude toward debt and home buying is exactly what sank people during the last 10 years. Myself, I never bought a home that cannot be rented at a profit. But then again, that’s why I’m not crying in my soup and blaming the government.

The problem with Externalization is that it never solves your problems, and in truth, often makes them worse. When you externalize your problems, you blame someone else on your own bad decisions. And as a result, you forfeit any learning experience from that bad decision. For instance, Joe Consumer buys a car he cannot afford. The monthly premiums are high, the insurance is murder, and he overpaid for the engine car.