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This giveaway is open up only to legal residents of the continental USA. Winners must have the ability to supply a residential address, as products cannot be delivered to a P.O Box. Must be 18 years or older to enter. On Friday The giveaway will end, January 6, 2012, at 9 p.m. No cash substitutions allowed. The champion must respond within 48 hours of being notified or a new one will be selected. Void where prohibited by law. Any taxes, international or otherwise, is the only real responsibility of the champion.

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If you’ve up to now neglected the advertising and marketing opportunities on Reddit, you are not alone. There are three main things you need to know to effectively brave the brash, quick-witted, and anonymous crowds of Reddit as a paid advertiser. The raw materials: What kind of inventory will there be to work with?

The culture: Why is Reddit tick? How to execute: Bringing it all together without ticking Reddit off. Before I explore dealing with and advertising to the Reddit community, let’s get acquainted with the tools available. Reddit offers lots of options you can blend and match as appropriate in the lifecycle of the campaign or bigger online marketing strategy – here is a quick rundown of what they are and where they fit in to the Reddit ecosystem. Reddit’s self-serve advertising is the best spot to start for the beginner Reddit advertiser.

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Cheap, easy, and flexible surprisingly, they are the “promoted post” of the Reddit world. As you would in a typical Reddit use, the option is had by you of submitting either an exterior link or an internal link to a text post, which users will then upvote/downvote or comment on. Your cash buys you the top-of-page spot for your link in the feed of either Reddit’s front page or a topic-specific subreddit of your decision. 0.75 CPM for self-serve advertising-you’ll get the same price regardless of the options you make in targeting or content. 5 for any individual sponsored link (which you’ll want to also need to pay for separately).

5 values of impressions still left to buy in your selected timeframe. Smaller, niche market subreddits are especially susceptible to this issue, and it’s not yet possible to make multiple-subreddit purchases through the user interface. Plan early and do not wait before the last minute to make your buys, or you might completely get shut out! Inventory is limited; react fast!