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Ok, I’m doing a little a shameless plug. Did you know almost all the estimates from Paper Makeup Stamps come in 2 sizes? I’m kinda a quote fanatic. I really like love love quote stamps. But I get bummed when the size just isn’t what I’d like. It’s no secret that I really like love like to color and often use stamp images that I can color.

So quite often i wish to use a quotation with an image. So a smaller estimate is great. But then sometimes, the estimate is all I wish to say on the card. But a smaller size stamp leaves a lot remaining to be done just. So a more substantial stamp would be ideal.

Also well suited for scrapbooking or altered tasks. So with these exact things in mind, I really wished to offer both sizes. And since it’s my company and the only person I really have to response to is me, I did so. I love this quote. What a perfect way to give someone just a little support when they are frustrated.

This card is one of the cards we will do in the beginner’s cards class at the Funkie Munkie. So most of the products are available in the store, or on their website. The paper is by Moxxie. Double sided thick paper. Super fab. It’s actually from the wedding collection, but this part you’d never know it.

  • 10 Aggravators Of Acne
  • It can exfoliate and can offer excellent moisture to the pores and skin
  • Using gentle, oil-free skin care products and makeup products
  • Julia Roberts
  • Tomato, lemon and oatmeal
  • Keeping the baby’s skin soft and protected
  • Because it hurts after i take a break from keeping it

I love the colors in the paper too. Based on which ones you want to grab and enhance other places of your credit card (or scrapbook layout) you can really get a different feel. Later this week I’ll post another project employing this paper and you will see why. And you want a close up of the embellishments?

First, i gotta show you this button! The picture doesn’t credit it justice but I really like these buttons really! The glitter is inside the button. Funkie Munkie has them in all different colors. If you live around here, go get them when you can, or I might get them all! I needed 1 more little oomph to the card so I chose these self-adhesive pearls from kaisercraft (priced at a minimal 1.25!!!) They come in all different colors too! Multiple sizes come on the sheet as well. Here is a close look of 2 of the sizes is used.