Singer Hand Crank Custom

What an success. It’s beautiful! I just unearthed my great-grandma’s old Singer and you’ve got me attempting to get it running again. You know that if you ever do get too sick and tired of cranking out seams you’ve also got a gorgeous piece of folk artwork, right? Oh my such fun! It’s a work of art!

I’m on a bit of an antique machine kick myself, so this really tickled my fancy! I purchased a Singer hand cranked machine for my girls last Christmas. I love the true way you preserved that one. I think the shiny finish paint is essential for these re-paints. I did one in a flatter surface finish, and it does not look right.

I’m motivated to do a little sanding and try again. The color is liked by me job! It is rather pretty & you saved an excellent machine, but I don’t understand why you don’t use the 3 treadles you say you have. What stamina and patience to complete up this l-o-n-g project! Wow, it’s sooo spiffy! OrrtannaKat, this machine was specifically made to travel with me to crafting/sewing events where there is no electricity. I don’t use the three treadles I own mainly because they’re in storage space. Maybe in our next house I’ll have enought room to also sew on the treadle! Love the complete story and love the device!

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My hand-cranks are back-ups for when the energy is out. I’ve got some questions about the hand crank, and although it may not appear like it, the crank easily turns VERY. Actually, you can “spin” it and it’ll turn on for a number of stitches before coming to rest. So although it may appear like a pain to turn or that hand sewing might be faster, it really isn’t harmful to small projects. In fact, it’s kind of fun!

I love the painting and the fact that an old left for lifeless machine has a fresh life again. Unless you mind my asking, what do you soak it in? I just discovered your site through Pinterest and I’m so pleased I did! I would like to convert my Wife’s early model 66 singer the same way as you did. What size faucet and drill little bit did you utilize? Howdy Anonymous, my husband used a size 1/4 – 20 to tap the holes for the screws. All the best to you! I’d use a Wrap-Around’ Hand Attachment easily could find any anywhere, however they aren’t making reproductions of those.

So it might be most peachy-keen if you could point us at some pictures of the revised area of the machine. Hi Anonymous, and thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I finished up turning this machine back into a treadle with a improved bottom. It sits in our living room. You can view one photo that shows the deal with screwed to the clutch nut, the flat drive that you turn to disengage the sewing mechanism while winding a bobbin.