Among Beauty Drawers

Among Beauty Drawers 1

Today I’m sharing with you my 2013 beauty and arbitrary favorites. 1. Skincare: My overall favorite is this Avon Clearskin pore penetrating peeling. I am using it through the whole year and they have become an irreplaceable product in my skincare routine. 2. Skincare: The L’Oreal Hydra Active 3-micellar solution has been a dream for taking off makeup, it’s the second most sensible thing after the amazing Bioderma H2O probably. 3. Face: BB lotions were big this season too and the Deborah Milano 5 in 1 left a big stamp on me. It really is by far one of the best drugstore BB lotions I’ve ever tried.

I could keep repurchasing it for sure. 4. Face: Catrice LE Illuminating Base made me fall in love with highlighters and has been my dear companion through this season. We glowed into the night jointly! 5. Face: I used to be finally in a position to try the Collection 2000 concealer. And yes as you all know it ever is the best.

I have to get it again. 6. Eyes: The Sleek Vintage Romance palette found it’s way to our hearts with it’s gorgeous jewel well developed eye shadows. For a night out This palette has become an absolute must have. 7. Eyes: 2013 was the entire year that the Color Tattoos came to Slovenian drugstores. Since that time I don’t think there’s been a day that I haven’t used these as a base or just on their own.

8. Eyes: Maybelline mascaras have always been my favorites, however the Rocket stood out for me this season. It creates my lashes look good. I really like that it offers me both length and volume. 9. Eyes: This was main products I attempted from MUA. The formulation is cherished by me of the eyeliner.

It’s creamy and it glides on very well. I love coating my upper lash range for a smokey look. 10. Lips: Another finding in 2013 was the new Essence lipsticks. I got two shades for the present time but I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more. Very pigmented and very creamy. 11. Face: For pale women brokers are really hard to find.

That is excatly why I chosen this Catrice Multi Colored natural powder and I use it as a bronzer for an all natural sunlight kissed look. 12. Nails: In early fall I made my first Essie purchase. This one is within the color Twin sweater established and it is the perfect all year round red color. It’s been my favorite nailpolish since I purchased it. 13. Nails: In 2013 I discovered the Golden Rose Jolly Jewels glitter nail polishes. I own 4 of the and they’re adored by me basically this rosewood you are by much the best. If the opportunity is had by one to try them please do, you will be amazed. I love applying this Yankee Candle waxes.

  • 6 Million Americans Smoke (CDC, 2012)
  • Apply a face mask once a week
  • Use the facial skin wash manufactured from fruit remove
  • Mascara surface finishes your makeup
  • Doesn’t cake when touch up
  • Makeup In Jars
  • Any breach of pores and skin integrity (for example, cuts, burns or epidermis infections)
  • Great for ladies who have got a hard delivery

I do have a little obsession over them, which has converted a shelf of my vanity into a mini wax collection. These are some that I love just. I’m currently burning the others of my Christmas Memories wax. 15. Food: My breakfast time consists of coffee and a plate of these lovely Flakes. They flavor amazing and they aren’t the most severe thing for the body.

I love to eat them with dairy or Greek yogurt and add some banana to them. 16. Food: I do add honey to my bowl of cereal too. This season That one has been my favorite. I’ve been through so many that I cannot even count. I really like honey so much and I sweeten everything I could with it. 17. Drink: My second favorite drink after coffee is tea.

And my all time favorite tea needs to be this Good Nature – Apple & Cinnamon tea. Those are two of the best things mixed in a tea. Could life even progress? Are you familiar with these product and if you are, which are your favorites? I’m excited to learn your comments.

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