List Of Scheduled Banks In Bangladesh 2019

List Of Scheduled Banks In Bangladesh 2019 1

United Commercial Bank or investment company Ltd is one of the scheduled private commercial banking institutions in Bangladesh. UCBL has ATM networks that provide you the opportunity of online transactions. UCBL has personal bank, NRB banking, SME banking, corporate, and business bank facilities. Dhaka Bank or investment company Limited is today’s private bank or investment company in Bangladesh. It gives the customers modern, online banking facilities. Dhaka Bank Limited has ATM networks that provides you easy online banking transaction facilities.

13. Eastern Bank or investment company Ltd. Dutch-Bangla Bank or investment company Limited is the pioneer of modern online banking facilities in Bangladesh. They have large ATM systems throughout the nationwide country. 1. LankaBangla Finance Ltd. Lanka Bangla Finance Ltd is one of the present day non banking financial institutions in Bangladesh. It gives the customers long-term loan facilities. It also collects deposits from individuals. IDLC Finance Limited is the pioneer in non-banking finance institutions in Bangladesh. You are given by it modern facilities of online transactions. 3. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd is the pioneer internal loan in Bangladesh. 6. Bangladesh Finance & Investment Co. Ltd. 9. MIDAS Financing Ltd. 25. First Lease Finance & Investment Ltd.

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