Lost In Fitness

Lost In Fitness 1

In the past, the coaches were searching for the ‘best exercise’ that could assure a simple way in attaining the higher increase in athlete’s performance. I’m looking for a fitness to hit the outer mind of my biceps brachii, I’ve heard that semi-supine 135-degree partial rep band curls are the answer, Day I used to be thinking about adding them onto my bicep?

How many chin ups can you do? And what size are your biceps now? I don’t do them. What’s the best exercise because of this? Nine times of of ten, they want to see their stomach muscles. So you inform them its about nourishment really. But if they like, you could suggest to them some total-body training that will hit the core, as well as the rest and burn more calories than sitting on the recline bike. They don’t want that, they want the easy answer, they want the magic exercise.

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Last example, Running guy arrived to the fitness center because he wished to work on his chest muscles and because of some long-term intermittent nonspecific back pain. So he could be distributed by me the SFMA, Mcgill, full evaluation screen (included in his membership, no extra charge!), then take him through cat camels, bird canines, glute activation drills, body weight squats, goblet squats, one-arm DB press, the works.

Next time he will come in he informs me he wants to only use machines because they’re safer and he thinks he hurt his back doing the other things. So he could be told by me all the downsides of machines, and the one or two that are the exception & may be worth him using, and then take him through hip hinges & golf players lift. And he looks at me like I’ve started speaking Vogon and the babel fish has fallen right out of his ear.

Because all he wanted to do was come to the fitness center and use some of those magic chest muscles machines and core machines and not have to think, and not really change the way he is moving in any way. And carry on being a kyphotic runner with upper crossed syndrome and spindly legs who are forward flexion intolerant.

Did you not hear me after I said the Leg Press is bad for your back again. Am I speaking Vogon or something? Some individuals think they’ve joined a gym or facility and the amount of money they pay is perfect for the machines. Its not. You’re spending money on the experience of the coaches. I believe it was Stuart McGill who said you can tell how good a facility is by how few machines they have. A cable connection column, some kettlebells, power rack, barbells & prowler is the hallmark of a good fitness center. Now I realize there is a sub-set of fitness center goers, or even more specifically health and fitness center users who specifically pay for the machines and the exclusive environment.