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Are Private, Illegal Trails Being Cut in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Are private, illegal trails being cut in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? That is an allegation being leveled by Southern Forest Watch, and is the subject of a recent article revealed on the National Parks Traveler web site. However, after doing just a little analysis on the Library of Congress’s web site, I found evidence that will show the existence of these two trails going again several a long time.

By 1980, however, the park was not sustaining either of these two trails. This information is supported by a document I discovered that discusses path erosion patterns within the Smokies. This environmental research doc was written by NPS workers, and was revealed someday within the late 1970s. It discusses the Boundary Trail quite a bit. Based on my limited research, this trail seems to have existed for a lot of many years, if not centuries.

However, as to whether or not or not the Blackberry Farm Resort has been maintaining the path for its personal company, I don’t know to the answer of that question. I assume we’ll all find out the reality of this matter once the Southern Forest Watch lawsuit against the NPS goes to trial.

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