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My boss turned all employees from w2 to 1099 forms without informing us, what are my options? My employer turned all employees from w2 to 1099 forms without telling us, what exactly are my options? I’ve spoken to the lawyer/accountant for NAMM, National Association of MUsic Merchandisers plus they say without a doubt that with the new Supreme Court Ruling, you are unable to do this. The new court and legislation decision have transformed everything. I am just parroting what folks much smarter and knowledgeable than me are saying. The only path to get around it is to rent the available rooms rather than touch the amount of money. Then your teachers become tenants and independent business owners.

Pete Kruse stocks a link later in this thread with a good presentation from NAMM. I am not certified, so definitely get a lawyer. Find out about budgeting, saving, getting away from debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning. Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of finances!

Another minority dropout who got the easy way out. What makes this especially unhappy is that had I applied myself in the past there’s no telling what degree of success I might have achieved. That I would have been a success can be debated hardly. But no, my very own laziness and indifference torpedoed my future. Whatever social influences that may have existed cannot excuse my responsibility for my very own shortcomings.

Thankfully, I am working overtime to replace my former. For eleven years I have already been challenging myself to study hard and show what is definitely suspected; which I am with the capacity of smart, analytical, and critical thinking reflected through writing. EASILY haven’t proven it right now, I am definitely close.

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Critics dismiss my achievements as being the results of the “free” education. Only if they had to pay what I’ve for this education. Consider for a short second, how many innocent people are in jail; what would be an acceptable number, 20,000 (, or roughly 1%). That’s fairly high. Even if that number was halved it should still be enough or surprise the public conscience into some type of action. It will at least provoke enough concern for one to consider that maybe, maybe just, for the innocent person in prison; their education tuition is paid in full.

Full disclosure: studies suggest the rate of wrongful convictions is ranging from 0.5° to 2%. So, ten thousand innocent people in prison might be underestimating the total count. It would not be a stretch to believe that a lot of people would concur that an innocent person in jail deserves to obtain a “free” education.

For those who disagree, how heartless are you? I want to digress for a brief second to share something both sad and important. When I write I choose never to are the names of people and/or agencies I’ve come across. You will find two reasons for this: first, I don’t want kind-hearted people and organizations to experience a backlash of negative criticism because I am extolling their virtues.

These people offer with enough pressure from friends and family who at least have enough decency to temper their bitter remarks. But there are too many cowards who considerably, under private cover, would berate and demean the attempts of those who still have confidence in the mercy and change. Second, I am no fool.