Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders

Businesses, Non-profit Associations And Their Leaders 1

The success of any business today is reliant on not only exceptional products and services, innovative marketing, well-oiled sales stations and flawless, customer-focused operations. They are not optional; rather they are essential elements for business success. But why is the difference between future industry leaders and the ones comparative back in the pack?

Innovation. Leading for technology is crucial for success today, tomorrow and in the years ahead. Despite the fact that companies have been espousing this idea because the invention of the “suggestion box” few companies really take this principle seriously or utilize it effectively. There have to be easy ways for all employees (plus suppliers and customers) to provide ideas. The ideas have to be reviewed regularly and feedback must be provided to those who supply the ideas. This can’t be a short term “program” or task but an on-going process which become part of the way of doing business. Strategic and business planning are central to any effective company, business or other business.

Unfortunately, many get caught up in the process (annual) rather than utilizing it as an on-going chance for bubbling up new ideas and integrating them in to the short and long-term product and financial programs for the business. Many companies have reputation programs from trophies, to certificates to financial incentives for contributions to the success of the business. Frankly, the kind of award, reward or recognition is less important than the actual fact that it’s done.

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Companies are quick to award sales success for closing the big deal and exceeding revenue quota. It is equally important for companies to find ways to reward the contribution of suggestions to the front-end of the procedure. The ideas which evolve into services, services and improved operations must lead to recognition for the teams and people who contribute them.

The most innovative companies connect often and easily. They connect from above. They connect across. They encourage their suppliers and customers to connect in what is working and more importantly what is no longer working. And it is made by them easy to connect from the trenches to the top. Whether face-to-face, by e-mail, blogs, letters, IM, telephone or other means, communications is essential to innovation. But it only begins with getting the message regardless of the means of communication. Innovative companies are not driven from the top down. These are powered by their customers and those front line employees who deal with the customers day-to-day.

While R&D is vital, customers may express their real needs and range employees could see inefficiencies before these are ever raised through a formal scientific process or formal efficiency job force produce their reviews. When fighting a war, day counts every single. This has fact has been identified by warrior-generals heading back to the initial conflicts and continuing to hi-tech battlefields. The same is true in business. The longer a concept for a new product or service or an activity improvement is examined by working and command committees, the not as likely they will give a positive, competitive business impact.