Parera, Veronika Daflorensia (2018) THE VISUAL AND TEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF MAKEUP ADVERTISEMENTS IN INDONESIA COSMOPOLITAN NOVEMBER 2015 AND 2016. Other thesis, Unika Soegijapranata Semarang. As a favorite culture, advertisements have a known person in mass media to market products. One particular media is women magazine. This thesis makes use one of the most globalized women magazines, i.e. the Cosmopolitan. Being an Indonesian, the researcher thought we would evaluate the November 2016 and November 2016 of the Indonesia Cosmopolitan as her main data. With popular product being advertised in the magazine as makeup, this thesis analyzed 28 makeup advertisements.

Zinc oxide is also known for its ability to market healing of the skin as well as stimulating cellular regeneration. A study by the inner journal of dermatology expresses that zinc oxide is more effective in managing P acnes then the traditional salicylic acid. Another frequently used substance in mineral makeup is titanium dioxide. Both, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have a drying property.

These ingredients soak up the outrageous oil from the skin surface and prevent acne episodes. Further on, these two substances also inspire peeling of pores and skin to create room for new cell growth. This is equal to how Isotretinoin (an antibiotic used to take care of acne) works. It is based on these facts that mineral makeup is believed to control acne.

But , experts are skeptical about using it as a complete acne remedy still. These are of the view that mineral makeup can’t be used as an acne cure. Instead on should research for effective anti acne products such as the Zenmed Derma cleanse System. The merchandise has a enormous lot of positive Zenmed client Testimonials to its credit.

All around the wonder and health care market, there appears to be an abundance of products and systems that have LED or some type of light therapy at their primary. LightStim has come up with a selection of affordable and useful products, which use LED light therapy for their working and render healthy, fresh and amazingly glowing pores and skin. Touted as the revolution of the wonder industry by thousands of dermatologists, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, and beauty aficionados, LightStim products have been around for 15 years but still continue to work miracles and also deliver results now. These products are designed for specifically targeting wrinkles, acne and pain prone skin while keeping in mind the importance of affordability and efficiency.

They will be the best wagers for dealing with and healing your skin at the capability of your home in a matter of minutes! Why don’t we review each of these amazing devices one at a time. How Does LightStim Technology Work? LightStim is convinced in the healing effects of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs have been proved to possess beneficiary effects for the human skin and muscles. The various wavelengths of light emitted by LEDs aren’t only therapeutic but also safe for everyone skin types. Additionally, they are the best solution for attaining better-looking skin which is completely painless and non – invasive; no recuperation is necessary after application/usage.

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Unlike light bulbs, LEDs up do not heating; rather they offer warmth which is soothing to your skin. Using different amounts of LEDs at one end of a handheld wand LightStim devices take this technology a step further by employing multiple wavelengths of light simultaneously. Various mixtures of light are emitted for nourishing your skin by reducing lines and wrinkles, acne, and pain. The worthy of of the ‘Multiwave’ technology is in the assessment of before and after results of individuals who’ve been using LightStim products for some time now. These LightStim before and after pictures are proof of the wonders these products bring to your doorstep! Exceptional ease of use and cost performance combined with a 90-day money back guarantee is a offer hard enough to refuse. Lightstim for lines and wrinkles before and after photos. LightStim for lines and wrinkles runs on the total of 72 LEDs that emit red, amber and infrared light rays.

While this is a simple question, the answer straightforward is not. I’ll have a closer look at this often debated and controversial topic with the hope of informing you about the reality of animal testing in cosmetics. Why do animal testing? Associated with because aesthetic companies are lawfully required through trade and consumer safety regulations to demonstrate show their products are not toxic or dangerous.

This is perfect for the protection of the consumser, you do not want to put something on yourself (or your son or daughter) without knowing it’s safe to use. Specific guidelines change from country to country, however in places like China, animal testing must prove product basic safety. As the U.S. and Japan don’t specifically require animal testing, most of the screening they acknowledge as proof product protection requires animal testing. However, the EU has banned animal screening and by 2013 it will start being eliminated. Why achieve this many companies claim never to test on animals?