If Corey Pavin Can Average 270

If Corey Pavin Can Average 270 1

Ah, to see the green envy in your opponents’ eyes when your ball blasts by theirs. Unfortunately, the average male golfer’s swing speed is round eighty-five mph. With a USGA conforming driver, this equates to drives of about 225 yards, an embarrassing 83 yards shorter than Tiger Woods’ average drive, and even 35 yards shorter than Cory Pavin, who is the shortest driver on the PGA Tour.

So most of us go to the course with an inferiority complex already deeply ingrained from watching Tour broadcasts which continuously and blatantly rub our faces in the fact that the professionals outlive us by a rustic mile. No wonder most amateurs can’t chill out over the ball and tend to over swing.

How could the typical guy hope to hit the ball that far? Well, the excellent news is — it’s doable for you to hit lengthy drives! To hit like the professionals, all it’s a must to do is swing as quick as they do, while at the identical time maintaining your balance.

If it sounds prefer it is simpler said than accomplished, simply assume about this: As mentioned before, Corey Pavin, the shortest hitter on the PGA Tour, averages just under 270 yards per drive. He’s 5′ 9″ tall and weighs 155 pounds. Now, the common male is 5′ 9″ tall and weighs 190 pounds. If Corey Pavin can average 270, then you possibly can hit it simply as lengthy or longer!

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Let’s set a objective of out driving Corey Pavin, so we will inform ourselves truthfully that we are able to drive the ball so far as somebody on the Tour. To figure out how to do this, let’s start with the common swing velocity of 85 mph and common distance of 225 yards.

Now, physics tells us that we get approximately three additional yards per additional mile per hour of swing velocity. So, if we wish to go from 225 to 270 to beat Corey Pavin, that means we need 45 additional yards, which equates to adding 15 mph to the swing speed. How can you use golf training aids to add that additional 15 mph?