How To Set-up A Dial-up Connection On Windows 95 And 98

If you have a Windows 95 or 98, establishing a dial-up connection by hand is rather simple. 1. First, open My Computer. You shall probably find this as a shortcut on the desktop or on your Start menu. You can open any icons by double-clicking to them or right-clicking on them, still left simply clicking Open up then.

2. Next, open up Dial-up Networking. You will notice all the cable connections (if any) that are currently installed on your pc. If you used a previous dial-up connection, you will find it here. You can remove dial-up connections by right-clicking with them, then clicking delete. You will also see an icon named “Make New Connection” in this folder.

3. Double-click “Make New Connection”. You are going to now be led through the New Connection Wizard. The following steps shall ask you basic questions about your connection options. 4. Under the relative line, “Type a name for the computer you are dialing”, type the name of the ISP who is providing your web service.

You could use any name in this area that you want, for example, if you would like to make two different dealers, you can distinguish between your two giving them connection names. 5. On this same page, you will see the going “Select a device”. This is to choose what modem you shall use for this connection.

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  • Click Access Options in the bottom-right part. The Access Options pane appears
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Usually you do not have to do anything here because you merely have one modem, or it has already chosen the default modem for you. If you are using a modem other than the one that originally came with the computer, you may need to select it from the drop-down list, otherwise, ignore this task.

6. Click Next. Now you will see the area to type the gain access to a number of the ISP’s remote control computer. You should have received a number from your ISP when you signed up or selected one using their database on their website. You should call your ISP if you don’t have an access number.

If there are several figures to choose from, write all of them down and keep them in a safe place in case you need to improve access amounts or recreate your dial-up connection later. Also, call your telephone company to be sure that the access numbers you intend to use will be local.

If they aren’t, you will be charged distance fees for each minute you are using the Internet long. Your ISP will try to offer an area access number, but they haven’t any way to guarantee this for you, so that it is your responsibility to check this! 7. Type the gain access to number in the “Contact number” space the same manner you would if you were dialing a local number.

If you need the area code to produce a local call, type it in the telephone amount space as well, departing the region code box blank. You do not need to use the region code space because you will be disabling dialing rules later in these steps. Most ISP’s no more following dialing guidelines that were set up when your computer’s operating-system was first built.