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Business cards are in the same way as relevant today as these were 10 years ago, they still notify people of the vital information in order to get hold of you. These days though business cards have evolved and are not only for business people anymore. Moms give away “Mommy” business cards to other moms at the park, church, or school functions.

Bloggers give away business credit cards to network and connect with other bloggers and brands. Have a look at could DIY’d some cute business cards for my first blogger event. While preparing to go to my first personally blogger event, I understood I had a need to have business credit cards to hand out. I also understood that I didn’t have hardly any money to spend with them, not even for the pack of printer paper you can reach your local office supply store. I battled a lot with that on a personal level but chose which I needed to fake it until it was created by me.

I wished to put my best foot forward, but I had been ashamed that I couldn’t scrape up enough money to get some good decent paper. Although I didn’t have business credit card paper, I did so have very scrapbook paper and a paper cutter. For that day I was heading to have to do. My husband tried to reassure me that it might be ok. I needed to swallow my satisfaction and do what I could with what I had fashioned.

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We need to include the tag to your RSS feed to inform just iTunes (and it’s nice cousins) to employ a different feed. You are allowed by This label to improve the URL where in fact the podcast give food to is situated. It really is added at the particular level. After adding the tag to your old feed, you should maintain the old feed for 48 hours before retiring it.

At that point, iTunes will have updated the website directory with the new give food to URL. To find out more, please start to see the “Changing Your Feed URL” section above. 1. In the PowerPress settings for whatever give food to iTunes uses presently, go to the iTunes (Settings) tabs. 2. Select Set iTunes New Feed URL.

3. Click OK on the caution. 5. Click Save Changes. Not everyone subscribes to podcasts with Apple or iTunes devices, so post your podcast-only RSS feed on your site so these people can certainly subscribe. My new Social Subscribe & Follow Icons plugin for WordPress have a special podcast-only RSS option that will work flawlessly for you!