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As mentioned above PEs in virtually any country pay corporate and business income tax on the gains earned for the reason that country. If the Apple subsidiaries have procedures in Ireland (they are doing) they’ll pay Corporation Tax on the profits earned by those operations in Ireland (they actually). The problem is clouded if one wishes to include the global profits gained by these Apple companies. Almost everything regarding these companies happens in America, which is not surprising considering that Apple is a US company. The Stewart article makes specific reference to Apple Sales International (ASI).

Prior to 2012, ASI, like AOI, experienced no employees and completed its procedures through the action of the U.S.-based table of directors, most of whom were Apple Inc. employees in California. Of ASI’s 33-table conferences from May 2006 to March 2012, all 33 took place in California. In a nutshell, these companies’ decision-makers, board meetings, possessions, asset managers, and key accounting information are all in America.

  • The company’s resources have been liquidated (sold), or
  • The interest is tax free
  • “Your cost-of-living changes come up short.”
  • Strong Foreign Economies = More Exports = AD shift right

Their activities are entirely managed by Apple Inc. in the United States. Senator LEVIN. Mr. Bullock does Apple Inc. own or indirectly AOI directly, AOE, and ASI? Mr. BULLOCK. Yes, Apple Inc. owns or indirectly AOI directly, AOE, and ASI. Senator LEVIN. All right. So those companies in Ireland are owned by Apple effectively.

Mr. BULLOCK. They are all lawfully owned by Apple Inc., yes. Senator LEVIN. All right. Now, relative to ASI, Mr. Bullock is ASI functionally managed and managed in the United States? Mr. BULLOCK. As being a practical matter, applying the Irish legal standard of central control and management, I believe that it is centrally managed and managed from the United States.