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I, like many others, was surprised by the revelation that Goldman Sachs has been charged with defrauding traders. Excuse me, “setting up the CDO for failing”? In retrospect we can easily see that it failed, but at that time many investors were ready to bet these CDOs were going to pay them great comes back.

And why would Goldman inform the shoppers that Paulson was on the other hand, betting against the CDOs? Isn’t there always someone on the other hand? Wouldn’t that be incorrect for Goldman to identify the other side of the trade? Shouldn’t the investors have understood that someone might contain the contrary position? Didn’t the investors in the CDOs recognize that there were dangers with their investments?

There was a casing bubble and these investors expected there to be no issues with the markets (just as countless numerous others did). Okay, their investment failed; they had taken a wager and it didn’t work out. Goldman is charged with fraud Now? Many, a lot of people felt that Paulson was tilting at windmills. That his investments surely wouldn’t workout.

Well, they did, and they resulted in vast amounts of dollars for himself, his firm and his traders. Investing is a zero-sum game, could it be not? For each winner which loser. Can someone describe how fraud enters into this? It isn’t clear to me, and perhaps there is much more to it, but this won’t seem all of that horrible. Is the SEC trying to show their power for their horrendous failure in the Madoff case?

And a few weeks ago a band of pensioners shown in Tokyo over their lack of ability to earn a come back on their cost savings. The country’s big pension funds, including GPIF and Japan Postal Savings, face an identical dilemma. 736bn) a yr and managed a cap on the 10-year bond produces at roughly zero.

July 28 – Bloomberg (Min Jeong Lee and Masaki Kondo): “As the world sinks into an era of ever-lower rates of interest and a chasm of negative-yielding bonds, Japan’s experience offers investors an invaluable precedent. It’s 2 decades since the nation pioneered zero rates and more than six years into the central bank or investment company main Haruhiko Kuroda’s record stimulus.

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The money managers who’ve witnessed it all provide unique insights into strategies to survive such a regime. One legacy of Japan’s ultra-low interest-rate regime is that it has spurred substantial investment into abroad possessions. But even more informing is the lengths that Japanese traders have gone to in the search for produce. July 29 – Bloomberg (Nacha Cattan and Eric Martin): “Mexico’s rates of interest are too much for a slowing economy, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said…, though he added that he respects the central bank’s independence to create them individually.

‘The Bank or investment company of Mexico is viewing overinflation. August 1 – Wall Street Journal (Katy Stech Ferek): “The flow of investment money between China and the U.S. 13 billion body marks the cheapest value since 2014, an indicator of investor stress over stalled trade discussions, tougher U.S. July 29 – Bloomberg (Randy Thanthong-Knight):” In a yr when record high temperature is scorching Europe and the heaviest rain in years has inundated elements of the U.S. Midwest, the Asia Pacific region is suffering from its own maelstrom of extreme weather.