Nuggets Of Truth, From Fat To Fit To Fat Again!

Nuggets Of Truth, From Fat To Fit To Fat Again! 1

I don’t want to forget these things! Since my last post so much has happened. I have learned a lot and I could tell that easily do not get this written down. Anyway, in 2015 I had been 182 pounds and very fit. I could run 13 mls, bike 60 miles, swim for 2 miles, calf press 180 pounds, curl 25 pounds and Zumba for hours. Last Saturday, I used to be 245 pounds, I could do my 13 physical therapy exercises. I could hardly walk and needed to go to your local thrift store to borrow a cane. January 2016 I acquired my training plan, my new shoes and my attitude got and ready started.

But for reasons unknown I could not sustain my normal training. I kept attempting and would fail. I did do this for most weeks and I became frustrated quite. I pushed myself until May and tried to execute a 1/2 marathon. It had been done by me, but it was miserable. I did OK for the first 6 kilometers roughly, then had an anxiety attack because my foot hurt and I just did not have the energy to finish. It never happened if you ask me that I could call someone to get me, therefore I limped to the finish range.

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After that I struggled, and could not do any more events that calendar year, but continued to walk about 10 miles weekly. In those days all I possibly could do was go to work and get back and fall asleep. So I went to the doctor to determine what was happening with this fatigue thing.

I can’t keep in mind what my regular doctor was taking into consideration the fatigue thing, but I just remember she was concerned about my mental health for the running thing. So that’s where the quilting thing arrived in. In order that saved my mental health and kept me going. I struggled with this, still walking 10 miles per week, then October 2018 I got MRSA, and struggled with this for a couple of weeks, Then by Christmas I possibly could no longer walk because my leg was hurting. Then time after that I acquired some more bad news and the shoulder pain moved into my calf (just like a charley horse – so painful) and that is where I ended up until last Monday.

The first bad news was, I found out that my insurance wouldn’t normally pay for the gastric bypass surgery that I wanted. This really disappointed me, the little hope I put got snuffed out. Another bad news I got was. THEREFORE I was referred by her to a pain-physical therapist.

Monday morning I woke up PAIN FREE and I POSSIBLY COULD WALK! IT WAS A MIRACLE! So here’s where I don’t want to screw things up. THEREFORE I visited my pain therapist on Wednesday and I informed her about the bad news I received and the new discomfort I acquired and what happened on Monday.

I did not share, at that time, what happened with my friend. What in the world? She was told by my congratulation and I informed her that I was sad for me personally but happy on her behalf, , , blah blah blah, and the tears arrived then! I had an instant of crying and she said that the response I just had was a trauma response.