How Does A Trucking Company Schedule And Track Its Trucks?

If you are a business owner with growing or rapidly expanding fleet needs, dispatch trucking software can be a life saver. If you have any questions pertaining to where by and how to use truck dispatcher, you can contact us at our site. It’s often difficult to wait for trucks to arrive in today’s tough economy. It can result in a loss in revenue, since trucks may arrive late and drivers may have to call in sick or perform unscheduled repairs. The alternative can be losing customers and hurting morale. Visual dispatch trucking software completely eliminates confusion from paper maps. With detailed map views, you can see exactly where your vehicles are. This reduces driver downtime and eliminates driver error.

Both the customer and the driver need to be fast. Trucking companies can send an instant alert to drivers if a semi-truck arrives late at a destination. This is possible because of real-time GPS dispatch. This not only makes it much easier to schedule deliveries, but also cuts down on extra wear and tear on engines, which means lower fuel costs to the end customer. Trucking companies can instantly spot route problems and make adjustments to reduce driver error, which allows them to deliver on time.

Scheduling mistakes, often made by inexperienced or unfamiliar drivers, lead to missed deliveries, which, updated blog post in turn, lead to an increase in fuel expenses. Trucking companies can quickly and accurately use GPS dispatch software to determine which drivers are available to … Read more