HOW EXACTLY TO Play Tax-Deductible Golf

Save your receipts, my friends. With them and the tips below, you’ll be able to write off 50 percent (and, in some full cases, 100 percent) of the golfing you play at home, and while touring. Unlike in Canada (sorry, guys), tax-deductible golfing in America is feasible if certain conditions are met. Basically, you have to play regarding the business activities, but that’s pretty easy to accomplish.

Do you have “substantial business discussions” with potential customers, clients, customers, or employees personally, over the telephone, or by email you could instead carry out at a golf course? Oh, and get this: while it’s the classier move, you are not even required to “treat.” Even if you split the day’s total bill, the part you paid is deductible.

This can get more difficult (regarding domestic vs. When you can demonstrate a vacation (or some of a vacation) was used for the “quest for business”, you can deduct your costs to getting to and from the destination and any business-related expenses you incur at the destination. There’s no rule that says all important business meetings must happen locally. Take benefit of this. You might run this one with a few accountants, but I’ve noticed of people successfully deducting their golf lessons.

It’s actually much less crazy as it sounds. If you’re somebody who regularly uses golfing to amuse customers or to prospect for clients, you could argue that enhancing your game enhances your business. This can be by assisting you get an audience … Read more

Musings On Markets

In 1992, I had just completed a spreadsheet that included the common PE ratios for companies in different sectors in the United States. There was little of the product in it, but I determined that since I had developed it, I might as well discuss it. I posted that spreadsheet for students in my own class to download and managed to get available to other people who visited my website (more hopeful thinking than a genuine plan, since there were relatively few people looking for data online). Each year since, I have put into the info collection, expanding my list of data items for US companies initially, and in the last decade, adding to the collection by looking at non-US companies.

It is my first job each year and it takes in the first week of the entire year, today for the 2014 update and I just uploaded the info. While you can find them all by going to the info section on my website, I won’t bore you with the details in this post, but focus instead on the what, why and what next of data.

The “what”: It begins with fresh data! In the last three decades, we’ve witnessed a revolution in data access that we need to step back again to appreciate. In the 1980s, unless you worked well at a college or university or an investment bank or investment company, your access to data was not simply limited but often non-existent.

The first glimmers of the Read more

Dell SE2416HX IPS Monitor

I finally received this Dell monitor that changed the Acer IPS monitor I had fashioned purchased and came back. I decided to get this monitor because it was similar in specifications to the Acer, but the text had been hoped by me would become more clear compared to the Acer. Now I should begin by saying that I have already been searching for a budget monitor to replace my old dead monitor which I had for what seems just like a long time. I was not looking to buy a fresh monitor but that’s just what I have got to do since I rather focus on a desktop than a laptop when I’m home. So I will try to just give you the benefits and drawbacks immediately to keep this brief since I’ve a few pictures to show you the actual monitor.

It is a simple quiz that have radio button options, and it will show the quiz taker his / her score upon completion. The quiz can show any number of questions and a variety of choices. Tally the user’s score and display the final score on the last page. The last web page shall only show the rating, so take away the last question.

Use an array to store all the questions. Each question, along with its choices and the right answer, should be stored within an object. Dynamically (with document.getElementById or jQuery) remove the current question and add the next question, when an individual clicks the “Next” … Read more